‘Favourite Food’ by Arsalan Ahmad


The soft white layer of cream rests on the top like a blanket of snow on the peak of a mountain. It is sprinkled  with delectable goodness ; the lookalike of multi colored rocks on said mountain.  The irresistible fragrance of vanilla essence is the bringer of saliva on the inside of my mouth.

The richness and soft touch of the red flowery base brings image of roses to mind. However just one bite removes all traces of the idea as you lose yourself to pure absolute perfection. The little café always reminds me of something out of a storybook or fairytale. It has that picturesque look. Or perhaps it is only my imagination and the fairytale awaits me inside.

The waiter brings the basket laden with what appears as literally my thoughts plucked out of my head and made a reality.

It looks like a dream. It truly is one.  A little shove from my fork sends it tumbling down reminding me that it is perfectly cooked. A single lift into my mouth is enough to get me going. Fireworks explode in my mouth, as my taste buds tingle. The sourness of the cream cheese meshing so well with the overall sweetness as if God himself had done the measurements. I got to work as I devoured this extravagemt bundle of absolute joy, I felt complete. This bundle of velvety goodness  that will no doubt hold a place of great esteem in paradise is known to us common men as red velvet cupcakes.

Alone this treat is enough to send you to food heaven. Accompanied by the  beautiful , rich, creamy and absolutely mouthwatering chocolate ice cream milkshake you are all set to go to infinity and beyond. Ldies and gentlemen I present the foodies dream : red velvet cupcakes and chocolate ice cream milkshake, Delicious!

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