‘A Crowded Place’ by Raja Abdul Muqeet


It was Armageddon! It was the only word that could describe the hell I was in. From the moment I got here, there was nothing but red blood moving through the field accompanied by my metallic beast of mass destruction. In my hands was a filthy black mechanical inhabitant that spat out black beads of abomination that had saved my life more times than the number of hair on my body.


I was wearing a suit that looked like my grandma trying to protect me from the harsh winters, brown, heavy and tiresome attire. Covered in many layers of greased paint, green and black, huge machines that, like giant dragonflies, buzzed in the cloudless blue sky, headed towards the giant sand filled hills. Burning under our feet was hot, molten, brown metal, scouting for our enemies.


Boom! The earth trembled with the loud, screeching noise that dazed me. Standing on top of my giant snouted friend; I was laying on the hot sand that melted my skin, which seeped into the earth. Gazing into the sky, forgetting my mission, my ears buzzing, my eye could see only one see only one thing, red fluid. Red as the fields of rose, red as the beating heart, red as the drinks of vampire.


Hearing my comrades yelling “Get up!” or “Move it!” just made me want to close my eyes and lay on the sand that was now as comfortable as my mother lap. A figure appeared in front of my face. His face not clear, his clothes as dirty and filthy as a homeless man on the streets of New York. He pointed at me a black object and bang! was all I heard.


The worst part came after this, it was the sound of my mom “Dinner’s ready!”, with a load sigh which could scare a lion; I put down my controller and left, a boy who was anxious to play his new game “Battle Field 1”.

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