‘Describe your Favourite Food’ by Zuhair Zubair

My favorite food is juicy and mouth watering. My favorite food is a chicken tarragon steak.This steak is no ordinary steak. When this is in my mouth i forget everything and  just admire the taste and feeling produced inside of my body.
This steak is soft and can make a person forget all worldly things. The way this dish is presented it will make you fall in love with it, it is presented with its own special tarragon sauce and has a side of french fries which in my point of view is the best combination. I like to have this dish with a chilled coke to cool down my throat after eating this hot, tasty and juicy dish.
This dish enlightens my taste buds and brings a great feeling inside me. This fine, elegant and savory platter is best served hot and the only place i enjoy and cherish this dish is at ox and grill who serve the finest steaks.
When this dish is consumed, my mind is blown and i take my time chewing this dish and value each bite. In the end, after i am done , i crave for more even though i am full, i act like a hungry horse.
After this dish i sometimes like to eat a cold and soft chocolate ice cream which just melts in my mouth when i eat it and even though this item of food is also amazingly delicious i will still love this steak and if i had an option over saving the whole of mankind or an unlimited supply of this steak, i will choose the chicken tarragon steak.

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