‘Describe your Favourite Food’ by Alysha Kazmi


‘Food is life. And life is all about tasting different foods. Only I know the pain of waiting hours and hours for my mom to make that one divine dish that would perfectly makes my day. I had to request my mom a day before to prepare that dish as it’s majesty needed the whole day to reveal itself. Yes, the pain was real.

The excitement would not let me sit at ome place and I would hop between the kitchen and my room just like a bouncing ball. The whole house relished the aromatic scent of it’s majesty. I watched as my mom coated it with thick, fresh yogurt mixed with a variety of spices. She then let it have it’s moment for about an hour. My hungry eyes gazed at it while my watered mouth was desperate to tear it apart.

It was then time for my mom to bring it to life. The grill was out. The oil was poured. The ingredients were set. Every second after that was equal to an hour for me. My starved eyes widened and my jaw dropped as she slipped it on the sizzling grill which was waiting to absorb every bit of it. I could hear each sound that it made while sizzling on the pan. She would gently flip it around in between to reveal the goodness. While it’s majesty was in the process of transforming, my mom moved on to the drink__the key to a perfect meal.

I watched as she poured the soda into the tall wine glasses. The fizz raced up to the surface of the glass like an erupting volcano. She then squeezed a lime in it with seeds floating and drops dispersing in the solution mysteriously. A pinch of salt and some ice cubes were the perfect finish to it.

At last, it was cooked. She gently placed it on the shining ceramic plate as I watched un-resistably. It was still breathing, but I was out of breath. She finally placed it in front of my to devour the goodness.

Ah! The aroma was intoxicating my whole existence. The favourite ingredient of my life was sitting in front of my eyes after all that wait. It was hot, it was bold and it was striking. I poured my favourite mushroom sauce as a topping and it melted into it like heaven.

I grabbed my fork along with the knife and dived into the goodness. The feeling was extravagant. It was moist and lavishing. As soon as I took a bite out of it, it felt like as if I had tasted the best thing in the universe. The essence of charcoal was mesmerising. The crust was chewy but the centre was juicy. At last my cravings came to an end.

It is the most authentic combination in the history of food and any cuisine; steaks with fresh lime.’

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