‘Describe a journey you have been on’ by Zaina Shahab


“It is time. Kindly step inside.”

These were the only words I was able to catch. My eyes, my mind and all my five senses were fixated on the waves of purplish-pink, with a hint of gold, water that rippled underneath my touch.

Despite its colour, the water reflected a crystal clear image of an awestruck, wide-eyed girl. Her doe-like eyes stared back at me, piercing through my soul, commanding me to let go and allow the tides to take control.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and slowly, but cautiousky, surrendered myself to the magical water.

Feathery is what I felt the moment I stepped inside. I was weightless. I was without any burden. The water did not feel like water anymore, nor did it feel like air. But it carried me effortlessly.

There were walls of rainbow-coloured water on my sides. There was a blinding light in front of me. There was a black space behind me. There was a path of pure, white sand beneath me.

Yet what amazed me the most were not the physical attributes of this heavenly creation, but the feeling it filled inside of me. Volcanoes pf positive energy erupted within me, taking away all the darkness that had engulfed my soul. I felt complete. I felt satisfied. I felt at peace.

Everything inside the portal felt magical, making me never want to leave. But like all wonderful adventures come to an end, this one did too. However, I knew that I would now be one of the few people who had experience eternal bliss.

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