AO2: ‘TELLING ROWDY’ by Zahra Sajjid

I did not like this passage because it was heartbreaking and is so real as you get to know more about the narrative Americans and their struggles.
The title (Telling Rowdy) tells me what the passage is about and also that he is going to tell Rowdy something.The author ‘Sherman Alexie’ is a short story writer.It makes me curious because I do not know him so well.It is a Fictional novel for example:”Rowdy stopped screaming with his mouth but he kept screaming with his eyes”.This produces an image in the readers mind.The theme of this passage is Friendship.For example:”You can still come with me,Your still my best friend”.These lines are highly emotional thoughts and it creates an emotional response.
The content is that Junior is telling Rowdy he is moving to another school for instance:”I’m doing it… I’m going to Reardan tomorrow”.It makes me want to read further.The purpose of the passage is connative,for instance:”Man,I was scared of these Rearden kids”.This creates an emotional response.The people who read these types of passages are young adults or children.For instance:”My heart broke into fourteen pieces,one for each year that Rowdy and I had been best friends”.This makes the reader emotional and he would want to know what happens next.
The style is narrative.For example:”For the first time he saw that I saw that i was serious “.This creates an image in your mind.The tone of the passage is fearful, for example:”I have to go.I’m going to die if I do not leave”.This creates tension. The mood of the reader in this passage is angry for instance:”Your really serious”.It makes the reader emotional.There is a great amount of punctuation.F or example:”I’m doing it…I’m going to rearden tomorrow”.This brings attention to some specific words.
The sentence structure is variable and has many dialogues.For instance:”Rowdy,I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.This example creates a clear image in the mind of the reader. There are very short paragraphs.Minimum number of lines is one and maximum are four.But it is easy to read that way.There are not many figures of speech,for example:simile:”I’m as serious as a tumor”.This helps me to understand the plot.
i personally did not like the passage but the only thing i liked about it was its historical background.

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