‘A Crowded Place’ by Syed Arsalan


“Ahmad , you’re up”, shouted the coach. I jumped up at the sound, simultaneously pulling off the black jacket, to reveal the dark blue uniform emblazoned with the fire red phoenix in the centre. I walked up as my teammate took my place on the bench. My fingers dove through my jet black messy hair, as I took a deep breath.

The feeling was electric. The hundreds of girls and boys dressed in blue and red were chanting our names .The coach  gave me a grim look. He looked ancient with his snow white hair and wrinkled face. I took in everything. The shine of the ground and the paint of the walls. My teammates and opponents looked ready to collapse. Sweat dripped down their noses and chins and their deep ragged breaths sounded painful as they gasped for air.

It was time to deliver. I gripped the orange and black ball in my hands and let it fall and come back up in to my arms as if it was a piece of metal being attracted to a magnet. The ball whipped through the air sounding like a whistle. My legs moved wobbly as if they were made up of jelly. They could feel the pressure. It was getting suffocating. The faces of everyone looked like blank. They were all the same simply obstacles in my path.

Time had begun to run out. Despite my untiring efforts, the game was getting out of hand. Bit by bit those alligators in green were turning the court into their own personal river. They moved like actual alligators. Predators on the hunt. They moved supernaturally fast like a superhero out ofa comic book. We had to find inspiration and we had to find it quick.

And suddenly everything fell into place. The phoenix had risen from the ashes and the new and improved one came with a vengeance. Trail blazing, guns blazing the basketball match quickly became a massacre as the bird of fire sunk its talons deeper into its prey.

And then it was all over. And the applause, the happiness, the excitement and the energy was infectious. I felt rejuvenated, relaxed and happy. Pumped up, we embraced each other, conveying such feelings and emotions that simply could not be conveyed using words. And as my sobbing captain passed me the gigantic golden trophy, shining with almost an aura of power, I knew nothing could steal this moment from me.

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