‘AO2: Georgie Henley and James Mc Avoy’ by Zahra Sajid


As it is an interview I am going to learn more about the characters and I am going to know about their personality and hobbies.The title tells me who the interview is about ‘Georgie Henley and James Mc Avoy’.These are the exact words of the characters because this is an interview for example: Georgie : “They connect” from this example I am able to zoom into the actual feelings of the author.Whatever the actors have said in the interview is real they are not fake,for example: Georgie:”They connect” James:”Yes,they connect in a really fundamental way,because they are very similar people”.

The theme of the interview is Friendship.”They are almost like long-lost friends and there is no point in having long-lost friends if you do not go into tea with them”.These lines are said by Georgie and these lines explain the friendship between them basically it is emotional appeal.The content of the interview tells us how James Mc Avoy and Georgie Henley become friends,how do they relate to each other and their experiences on set for example: “I was a bit of a spitfire on set,I was really hyper on set,wasn’t I”? “You were a bit hyper on set.But I did not help,I was jumping around like I was seven”.This example creates a picture in your mind tells you what they were doing on the set.The purpose was to inform the reader about the real life of Georgie Henley and James Mc Avoy.”And,I’m writing a story at the moment called the Diary of a Bully”.This very well informs us about the real lives of the actors.

The interview is directed to young adults and people invested in media and entertainment news for example: “You all grew inches during this film”.You can relate to the actors more.The style of this interview is written in the form of a dialogue for example:”And you become more fauney. More goat-like,”My beard got longer”.This makes you want to read on.The tone is interesting,hyper and joyful for instance:”You became more faun-ey”.This adds flavor to the content.The attitude is very well informed for example:”You all grew inches during this film”.This wants you to know more about the actors.A variety of punctuation is used in these dialogues for instance: “Well,you know,it is the fauns way,isn’t it?” It adds stress and you get to know what the actor is trying to say.The sentence structure of this interview is written in dialogues for example:”I want to set them up to publish when I’m older,when I’m a teenager”.These are the exact words of the actors.The paragraphs vary from long long to short paragraphs.These are also exact words of actors.

There are different figures of speech in this interview foe example:”Fast friends”this is a alliteration,”I was jumping around like I was seven”this is a simile and “The snow stag” this is also an alliteration.To conclude,while reading the interview I got to know the characters personally  and would like to watch the movie or to read further to know more about them.

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