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‘AO3: Meeting Mr Tumnus and Interview’ by EMAAN HASEEB

Thesis for passage one is that I like this passage because it is very interesting. The passage really attracts the readers’ attention and makes them want to read further whereas in passage two where the interview is being held I am going to learn more about the actual character of Georgie Henley and James McAvoy.
The main title tells me what the passage is about for instance, ‘Meeting Mr.Tumnus’. The intended effect is that the title tells me that Lucy and Tumnus are going to meet for the first time on the other hand in passage two the interview is being held and tells about who is being interviewed. For example: Georgie Henley and James McAvoy.
In passage one the author is a classical writer. As for in the intended effect I think that the extract is going to be very interesting. Similarly in passage two as this is an interview all the sayings are in the form of quotes. For example: “Georgie: They connect”. The intended effect says that the interview actually zooms in the feelings and emotions of the characters.
Genre for passage one is fictional novel as there are mythological creatures from literature Rome and ancient Greece like a ‘faun’. As for what I think is by reading this fictional novel it is going to make me feel things. Contrastingly, in passage two an interview is being held. For example: “James: Yes, they connect in a really fundamental way, because they are very similar people”. It makes me feel real and I am more interested to read what happens next.
Both the passages one and two are based on friendship which is the theme for instance in passage one Lucy says,”I don’t think you’re a bad Faun at all. I think you are a very good Faun. You are the nicest Faun I’ve ever met”. Whereas in the other passage for example:”James: I’m starting to. That was my favourite thing watching you grow”. By seeing their friendship it reminds me of how I connect with my friends.
In passage one the content states that Lucy and Tumnus are trying to become friends. For example: Tumnus asks Lucy the same question three times,”You are what they call a girl”,and “You are in fact Human?”. Similarly, in passage two it tells us how James McAvoy and Georgie Henley relate to each and how was their experience like on the set. For example: “Georgie: We got more mature, really.I was a bit of spit fire on set”.
This story is conative which means entertainment. By reading this story it creates mistry for the reader. Contrastingly, in passage two the purpose is to inform the readers about the real Georgie Henley and James McAvoy. To prove this I would like to quote: “Georgie: Being away from my friends and family”.
One of the passage is narrative. For example, I would like to quote a narrative sentence here:” This is the land of Narnia”, said Faun”. The intended effect adds colour to the story to make it look more attractive and beautiful. Whereas, the style of passage two is dialogue.”James: My beard got faun-ey more goat like”. The intended effect is that the audience are excited.
At last the conclusion is that it makes me want to watch the movie,read further and visit Narnia. For passage two, while reading the interview I got to know the characters personally as well as their real life.

‘An Accident’ by Raphael Khalid


He was, at one point in history, the richest man alive by a landslide. He was always two steps ahead of authority and opposition. He was the voice of the poor, the champion of the weak and the kingpin of the largest narcotic industry to have ever graced the harsh and unwelcoming world. He was Pablo Escobar and his fatal flaw was love.

Billions of ‘gringo’ green money flowed in and out of Escobar’s pockets in the eighties, and the funds were directed straight to the benefit of the poor and needy. The drug lord was a family-man and his heart was kind. Pablo Escobar eventually rose to snatch the position for the most wanted man on earth. But the people of Colombia loved him, who would turn in such a saint? The police were slaughtered like pigs in the streets of Bogota and Medellin. This deterred his capture significantly. Authorities were unwilling to put their families’ life to imprison would some would consider an asset to the country’s economy. Nevertheless, Escobar, with his faithful wife and two beautiful children, was determined to thwart every effort made by those who dared interfere his mission of flooding the dank alleyways and million dollar beach houses of Miami with the white, fine euphoria inducing dust, cocaine.

All was well until the late eighties came around. Pablo Escobar’s drug trade had been flourishing, but with it grew a strong opposition, a force to be reckoned with, but underestimated by the man. A great deal of weird and illogical (on paper) events took place before Pablo Escobar decided to retort. One may not have noticed, but his first mistake had already happened, that is, not thinking much about the opposition cartel’s influence and reach.

Slip up number one. This perhaps set the events following his escape from his own prison (yes, really…) into a wild and unstoppable motion. The Cali Cartel, as they had called themselves, took its first noticeable move when they raided Pablo Escobar’s home guns and explosives ablaze.

The Escobars barely escaped with their lives, leaving the kingpin’s daughter deaf in one ear, and the kingpin himself livid as ever. When a man’s family is attacked, he forgets all his defensive measures and complex escape tactics, he wants to exact revenge and that he did.

Slip up number two. Even for a man like Escobar, there were limits, and he forgot his in a state of pure, unfiltered rage. Nobody messes with his family.

The series of bombings and executions and raids and ambushes in Medellin washed away his hard earned reputation as the hero that Colombia deserved, as the common man who worked his way up into the House of Representatives, as the potential President of the South American center of trade, Colombia, into a black, evil and malignant stamp of terrorist.

The public’s support dwindled as they came to terms with his true, passion fueled persona. He was still smart, though. Smart enough to leave those few brave soldiers and police who rivaled him empty handed in what they thought would be the day they caught Pablo Escobar. Truth be told, every raid of the police was thought to be the final, but only one ever was.

At a loss of his entire militia, with his piles of money at a mere fraction of its former glory and most importantly, his family stowed away into protective custody, Escobar entered exile, by his own accord, however.

A farmhouse that belonged to his estranged father was his choice of exile. He went there with his last loyal man, ‘Limon” or Jhon.

The relationship with the older Escobar warrants an entire story of itself, so here is how it went down. His mad love for his wife and children dominated his thoughts in that boring old farmhouse and unable to restrict his primal emotion of love, called his family.

It had been months since the police had even the tiniest whisper of the man that killed ten thousand cops, the man that widowed ten thousand senoras, and the man that changed Colombia forever. The exchange of communication took place periodically and every “I love you,” was heard by the police.

Slip up number three. He was done. And perhaps he knew it, he left his father’s farm to go to the city he once owned and by the tip-off of the Colonel’s son, the entire police had surrounded his hotel. A green mist is what it looked like from afar.

“One, two, three!”

And the door banged open. Escobar fought, shot and clawed to his final breath. He escaped to the roof and only lead could bring the legend down. That was his end. They say history is written by victors and the Achilles heel of Escobar, a soft one, of love, is rarely mentioned in our history books.


AO3: Mr Tumnus & Interview


I think that the passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is very interesting. Although I was aware of what I was going to read. It was a predictable piece of writing. Where as in the interview of Georgie Hanely and James McAvoy, I learnt many new things about the characters themselves and the differences between the actors and their characters.

The first passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is written by the author CS. Lewis who is a children’s’ author and also a well known classical writer. Whereas the author(s) of the second passage, the ‘Interview of Georgie Hanely and James McAvoy’ the two actors are the authors. Georgie and James are speaking the exact words written down in the form of a dialogue.

The genre of the first passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is a fictional story. An example would be the fact that the passage has the faun which is a creature from ancient Greece era. Contrastingly the second passage ‘Interview; is clearly a real life interview between two actors. For example “Georgie: And you became more faun-ey. More goat-like.
James: My beard got longer”

A very pleasant similarity between the two passages is the theme, which is friendship. Both the ‘Interview’ and ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ have a quite heavy use of emotional appeal on the reader. An example from ‘Meeting Mr Tumnus’ is when Mr. Tumnus the faun breaks down and Lucy comes to support him and make him feel better by saying “I don’t think you’re a bad faun, you’re a very good faun.” And another example from the ‘Interview’ is when James McAvoy espressed how heart warming it was to watch Georgie Hanely grow, “James: I’m starting to. That was my favorite thing, watching you grow. You grew inches during this film.”

The purpose in the first extract ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is to entertain the reader, and persuade the reader to read further into the novel. An example would be “Are you the daughter of Eve?”  this entertains the reader and makes the reader curious, wanting to read further on. Whereas, in the second extract ‘Interview’, the purpose is to inform the reader about the lives of the actors, getting to know the actors better and getting their perspectives. The reader learns the hardships and difficulties of being an actor while at the same time being able to relate to the everyday lives of the actors. For example, Georgie feels the sorrow of not being around her loved ones and tells the reader “Georgie: Being away from my friends and family.”

The tones of both the extracts are similar in a way that both include friendliness, welcoming vibes, humor and emotional attachment. For example, from ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ the faun, Mr. Tumnus says “Good evening, good evening” giving the reader cheerful, welcoming vibes. And for the ‘Interview’ James and Georgie show what a close bond they share and their experiences together. For example “James: You guys got so much more comfortable by the end.”

The attitude of the passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is welcoming and joyful, spreading good vibes all around. For example, when Mr. Tumnus, the faun invites Lucy to have tea with him. “How would it be if you came and had tea with me?” and another example when Mr. Tumnus is making the tea for both of them “One for me, and one for a friend.” Similarly, the attitude of the ‘Interview’ is also cheerful and cozy. The difference is that in real life, the actor James and Georgie need not act to get along.The bond they share is real, and it is of two very good friends. For example, “Georgie: We got more mature, really. In the earliest shoots I was a bit of a spitfire on set, I was really hyper on set, wasn’t I?” and another example, “James: That was my favorite thing, watching you grow.”

To conclude, one may say the bond the two actors Georgie and James chare is as friendly and strong as the bond they are to show as the characters in the story. It is an overall cheerful state of mind. In the story, they have just met and are on a good start to their friendship whereas in the real interview they are actually the best of friends.

‘A lie had major consequences’ by Shameer Abdullah


My family and I managed to buy a small house in Zimbabwe. Ethiopia was in huge crisis. The whites had taken over us ,and the richer ones joined with the whites. My father worked in a tyre factory and made enough money for the house rent. Thus it was up to me and my brother to find food for the family.

The people of Ethiopia craved ‘Lala-Hadzubi’. They would even give their lives for him. They worshipped him. There was a very famous rumour that deep down in the Jasop forest is a temple guarded with mosquitoes but not just any mosquitors , in fact they were poisonous mosquitoes. If you managed to somehow find the temple and even one mosquito , the elderly of the city would die and in this case it was Lala-Hadzubi. They also said that if you entered the temple the elderly would die. My brother and I were sent to find food for the family. I could feel my heart beating in my throat.

“Do I have to go?” I exclaimed.

“Yes!”, my brother said angrily.

The buzzing of flies and the rustling of leaves welcomed us into the forest. My brother and I started to quest. After a food walk for about five minutes something ran right across us. It was fast as a cheetah. We ran after it but we lost it. I didn’t see it properly but it looked like a wild tapir to me.

It was now or never. It was getting dark and we had find food. I sighted the tapir. I took an aim and took a shot. My brother was not surprised after we missed another possible dinner.

“Go get the bow!”, said my brother in anger.

I started searching for the bow. We had a bow with five arrows each. It was ample as we could use it again. After a good three minutes, I managed to find the bow. But when I returned I failed to find brother, Brody.

“Brody! Where are you?”, I screamed.

No reply. I started looking for him. After a while, I saw something…. It was my brothers dead body but to find the hidden temple of Jasop forest. It was all true it was guarded by mosquitoes.

“Let’s go back,” I said.

But my brother would not listen. As we slithered towards the temple we were attacked. I swing my bow and we made a run for it. When we reached our village the locals were running around saying,” Hadzubi is dead, Hadzubi is dead.”

My brother went down on his knees and put his arms around me. I was scared to death.

He said, “Did you kill a mosquito?”

“No!” , I said in confusion.

The locals were running here and there. The village was in crisis. As we headed towards the house…. We were covered with a black cloth on our head. We were held and being taken to the hanging place. I could hear the crowd saying,” Kill them! Boil them in hot oil! Feed them to the lions! Chop their faces off! ” They removed our cloth and bright light struck in our faces. My brother looked at me and said you should have told me the truth.I did unintentionally kill a mosquito. This was it. We were about to be hanged.

But just then… I heard a really loud noise of a gun because of the bright light I could not see anything. We pulled of the stage and I was riding a horse with my brother. I ran the horse as fast as I could. Even though I never rode a horse before. We stopped at a place far far away from the village. We were in a shock. It felt as if god gave us another chance. I looked at my brother’s innocent face a and wondered how I was still alive?

‘The Melodies I never played’/’Lies can have major consequences’ by Aamash Qaiser


There I was sitting nervously on my computer chair glaring at the screen as I typed in my CV for my first job ever. I put in truthful information but just to make myself look like an enjoyable person, I put in extra hobbies saying that i knew how to play the piano and was an expert in playing violin. To this day , I still think twice before lying after what happened to me.

I wrapped the whole thing and clicked “send”. I was expecting a call from the office a day later or two later but surprisingly in the evening I had my nephew run up to me holding my phone which rang repeatedly saying that it was an unknown number . I was called for an interview. I was nervous , almost panicking , getting my clothes ready although it was tomorrow. I tried to sleep but could hardly do that and I do not know if it was excitement or something that was yet to come.

The next day , I was waiting for my turn in the line for the interview. They called out my name and I entered entirely shaking but as I approached the person who was very calm , I relaxed and my interview turned out to be great and I had been accepted for the job. As I was about to leave with a huge endless grin on my face , he said , ” Hey , you know how to play the piano, why don’t you play for the special officials coming to visit us?”. I don’t know why but I accidentally said “yeah , sure!”

As I stepped outside , I realized what I had done. I got home with a bit confused emotions . I just had two days to do something about this  situation. I immediately called up a friend of mine who knew how to play the piano but it turned out that he was on holidays abroad. I tried to look for tutorials on the internet but I realized what was I gonna practice on if I had no piano.

A day passed for me searching for a piano tutor but I thought at the end that it was useless, what could I possibly learn in one day? I gave up hope and wished something like a miracle would occur as I went in bed. It did happen.

I woke up feeling weird and it turned out that I had high fever. I actually cheered than being sad as I was finally safe. I called in the office telling about my situation and how i couldn’t get off my bed and cannot come to play the piano for the officials. This got him a bit suspicious because i particularly mentioned that.

After that incident , I always keep this event in mind before I give a false statement or blindly lie to someone as I know how great deal of a trouble can be smacked on your face without you even noticing.