‘A New Beginning’ by Wishka Syed


The world was painted with hues of starlight shimmering over the beautiful valley and reflecting off the brook. It was still too early for the birds and so a serene silence lay over Lockwood manor.

Sansa was deep in her thoughts about having a picnic one day with her family near the brook. A basket filled with apple pie tarts and sandwiches would be a great idea. Dawn time was always Sansa’s beloved time of the day. The world naturally seemed at peace with its bright colours as the sun awoke from its slumber.

Sansa’s thoughts of any picnic scattered as a wet liquid, slimy in texture trailed down between her legs. A wave of panic took over her. Her water had broken and now she was leaking along with shivering for she was not ready for this. It was too early for her.

“Matt! Matt!” Sansa shouted for her husband who came running within no time.
Matt rushed to his wife; his eyes wide, rimmed with heavy dark circles and hair dishevelled. Matt sat his wife down while he rushed for his car keys in their bedroom. Sansa waited, pain gradually taking over her body, her legs, arms, spine and abdomen aching with terror like she had never felt before. She shouted for Matt to hurry up.

Everything manuvered in a blur, the road now teeming with cars as people rushed to their perspective routines. The hospital was nearby but time passed with excruciating slowness. The life inside Sansa throbbed against her abdomen, fighting to come out.

Seconds stretched to minutes as minutes
stretched to hours and after what felt like eternity Matt pulled into the parking of the hospital. No sooner than a minute nurses clad in white uniform swarmed around Sansa, shifting her on a stretcher and bolting her through the hospital doors.

Dr, Montague a broad shouldered man with Stalin’s moustache appeared in the operation room. He grumbled his orders to the nurses while Sansa lay, now changed into a hospital robe, clawing at Matt’s shirt with force he did not know she was capable off.

Dr, Montague placed himself at the foot of Sansa’s bed throwing commands at her to open her legs wide. Sansa did not hear she was to drowning in pain.She withered and thrashed against the bed, her head shaking wildly from one side to another. Her teeth clenched and she felt the life inside her trying to plunge out from inside her. Voices blurred around her and so did her vision with tears. Sansa could not hear her guttural screams over the blood pounding in her ears.

“Push! Sansa,Push!” Sansa could not tell if it was Dr, Montague commanding her to push or Matt. Maybe it was one of the nurses. Drenched in sweat and hurting everywhere she listened. Sansa pushed and pushed until she ran out of breath, until she felt her lungs tear out. And all of a sudden it was over, a calm took over her as the pain faded away.

She closed her eyes and called for Matt to make sure she had not died. She felt his hand slide into hers and whispering near her ear, “It’s a girl.”
Sansa knew he was smiling and involuntarily she did too. Along with her daughter she was bestowed a new life. A new beginning.

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