Topic: First Impressions Activity: Literary Analysis Q 1) by Muazzam Tahir


This passage is short story from “Meeting in Milkmarket” written by John Wickham. The title of this story is “The first time I met George”. The title itself is very descriptive in its way as it highlights the theme of the story in one statement, which is “First Impressions”. The passage is about how the author meets and befriends George, and his first impression of him.

The purpose of this passage is Conative or to entertain/delight as it is a story. For example, “I think now that there was also in me a little envy of his fortune in having a fathers hand to clutch”. It is Conative because the reader is being affected, delighted and entertained by this short story. The purpose intends to deliver it to the right audience.

The audience of this passage is primarily Children. It may also be Special Interest Groups as those interested in John Wickham’s’ Novels, would also want to read it. The audience Is determined keeping in mind the theme of the passage, in which Children may only be interested in.

The tone of this passage is very frank and informal. For example, “I am not perhaps claiming too much.” This shows how frankly the writer was expressing the statements and feelings, that is the attitude of the writer, and how informal a tone the writer has adapted. Due to the fact that the tone is chatty, the reader will feel familiar and shall find the passage accessible.

The writer has also developed a narrative style as he is narrating a story, which is about his first impression of George and how they became friends. For example, “I remember very clearly the morning that George came to school for the first time.” This narrates the moment he first saw him. This narrative style helps develop an impression of sequence of events that is in a non-chronological manner, in the readers’ minds.

The vocabulary in the passage varies from simple, colloquial to strong. For example, “clutch”, “angry” and “monstrous”. This shows how simple and strong words were used which helped the readers understand the words and emotions/feelings easily.

There also is a variety of sentence structures that vary from simple to compound-complex. For example, “the headmaster greeted George’s father warmly, and it was clear that they were friends and that George would be one of those boys who would get special treatment, being the son of the heads friend.” This helps to maintain a smooth flow for the reader.

Proper Paragraphing is also done to separate different ideas and perspectives. This will allow a smooth flow for the reader.

I believe that with proper structuring, linguistic features, style, tone, attitude and many other techniques, the writer has successfully delivered the purpose to the desired audience.


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