AO2: “The first time I met George” by Shehryar Khan


The passage— title “The first time I met George”— is a story which is written by John Wickham. This tale describes the first time he met a boy in elementary school, who became his friend. The audience for this story include book-readers and story readers.

The tone if the passage can be described to change throughout the passage. In the beginning, the writer seemed calm but got angry in the middle. The writer portrays his friendship with George in the words, “Hr was easy with me and I was easy with him”. These words describe his friendship to the reader

The purpose of the text is to entertain the audience. To do so. The writer uses complex vocabulary, “ordeal” and “monstrous”, and several instances of figures if speech such as alliteration, “shared sugar”, exaggeration, “…monstrous piece of favoritism” and idiom, “behind my back” to describe to the reader of his day and create a vivid image of the situation in the readers mind.

The theme of the passage is first impressions. Over the passage, there are many instances, such as “(in all my school days I never had a whole pencil” or “… there was envy in me of his fortune in having a father’s hand to clutch” which shows the character’s life. These examples tell the reader that the writer was humble and had no father. This involves a. Sense if pity in the readers mind.

I believe that the passage is well built, with equal sized paragraphs, varying and complex punctuation and strong story structure which makes this a great read for the readers.

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