AO2: First day in school in Barbados: Q2: Explain how the writer presents his experience of going to school for the first time. You should support your answer with close reference to the passage, including brief quotations. By Afnan Kadir


Ans: The title of the second passage is “First day at school in Barbados” and is written by Austin Clarke. Its tone is informal and tells us about a boy whose mother was a washer woman and had managed to put her son into school which was thought as a great thing achieved in their village.

The theme of the passage is first impressions which means what impressions you have when you meet someone the first time in your life. These impressions always vary and depend on the type of people meeting each other.

The author has used various techniques to achieve his purpose one of them being statistics such as “September 1944” which makes the text authoritative.

Punctuation has also been used such as “And Delcina, the tallest, blackest and …” which makes the text more interesting.

Colloquial language has also been used such as “Go’ long, boy,…” which makes the text attractive. All type of sentences are also used such as: “And nobody so far has told me” which makes the text more attractive and interesting. Simile has also been used such as: “white as snow” which makes the reader want to read more.

I think the writer has fully obtained his purpose by using the various techniques which make a great impact on the reader.

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