Comparison Question: Survivors of a life-threatening events by Esha Anjum Khan


Passage One and Passage Two both focus the life threatening situations faced by different people at different times. The explanation of various threatening situations is also given , which will help the reader to know and gain knowledge of all that can happen in a forest.

I like Passage Two better, entitled,”Angels in the wilderness” which was interviewed by “Amy Racina”. I like this passage as it is a story of personal experience, which details every single misery the person has gone through. For example, “dragging myself along with my hands.”line 8, the use of ethos is done, which emphasis the audience to feel sympathy for the person. It also uses description such as,” Onto solid hillside crumbled beneath me.”.The range of audience is very wide as she is basically teaching the audience not to give up for instance,” I survived for four days and nights, dragging myself along with my hands refusing to give up.”and ” Making a plan kept my mind focused on what I could do to help myself.”. Due to these statements many may get inspiration and would not give up. Her final statements impress many as she says, ” Just a few final thoughts. Love your life. Never give up. And always believe in miracles.” which encourage people to believe themselves and to achieve something in life.
Text One is ” The Soul Survivor” written by, “Sally Williams”. I did not choose Text One because firstly its not narrated by the victim itself as if it was narrated by the victim in Text Two, if it was narrated by the victim there would be more sympathetic appeals as well as description. The description of the misery is not given clearly, which may cause the narrator to loose a lot of sympathies. Secondly this text does not contain anything which would inspire or make the readers feel sympathetic, the ending is also very vague,”It was pure chance that they came that day.” whereas the feelings of the girl are not described,which may not urge the audience to read further articles and feel for her.
Therefore, I prefer Passage Two better than Passage One as it fills in every aspect of sympathy. Both poetry same objective ,yet Text Two is better.

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