Comparison Question: Moving to another country by Ilsa Tariq

I chose Text Two because it gives a very descriptive view of what it feels like to reside in a foreign country. The writer has used the ethos technique to sway the reader on feeling the same misery as the writer, for example, “I felt naked, if not stripped bare.” The reason for the writer to use this technique is to emphasise on the character’s situation and what they are going through.

Another reason I chose this text is because it provides us with both the benefits and the cons of living abroad. The positivity in the passage does not only overshadow the hurdles of living away from your country but also lifts up the energy of the reader, for example, ” A landscape so white, so pure, could only dazzle us, blind us, intoxicate us.” The writer through such techniques intends to excite the readers and bring out the pros of the situations that can seem difficult to cope with otherwise.

On the other hand, the reason I did not chose Text One is because it is more of a narration than the idea to what it is like living abroad. The writer is giving an outline of his experience which can often uninterested readers, for example, “They spent the evening in the hotel room.” Such trivial details do not matter to the reader and can intend to bore the them.

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