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‘Flames and Fright’ by Safa Aman


Ancient method of conquering fear in renewed
Tuesday, 23rd February 2016, Miami, FL

Ancient customs that were supposedly buried away ages ago are now revived. Corporate managers have strong beliefs that in making their employees walk in fire, the employees may overcome whatever fear they have which results in a higher success rate along with more profits in their business.

In the medieval era, embers were placed in the palms of people in order to extract the truth. In today’s date and time, this practice is believed to eradicate fear in the employees. Hot coal is lit on fire for these workers to walk barefoot on.

“It is quite ridiculous,” states Dr. Eddie Hampton, a special physicist at Southern Methodist University, “when in reality, firewalking does not have much to do with overcoming fear — such a custom should have stayed in the past.”

A team of people working for a local McDonald’s underwent this firewalking experience. Several workers benefited from the act whilst six of the workers ended up with serious injuries.

Studies have proved that there is no strong link between firewalking and company profits. However, it has mentally aided people who now believe they can conquer their fears.

Among these firewalkers were the few people who developed a grave phobia. This phobia made the firewalkers unable to gain control of their physical surroundings along with the incapability to reason.

Doctors and physicists hope to put a stop to this revived tradition especially when it comes to employees and benefiting the company as there is no connection between the two.

By Safa Aman

‘REPORT WRITING’ by Daniyal Durrani


To:    Mark Zuckerberg



From: Daniyal Durrani


Froebel’s international.

Date: 25th February` 2016

Subject: Report on the analysis of the popularity of Facebook.

This report is an analysis of the popularity of Facebook, which will include statistics, critics’ views in terms of its effect and its effects at the international level.

Facebook is part of everyone’s daily lives. Over the years, although the features have improved and have become more user friendly, there are several risks or as computer experts might refer to them as ‘viruses’. The following are some of the recent findings regarding Facebook:

  • Many links are posted daily on Facebook that trick users to click on them, which then directs them to malicious websites. A large amount of these websites have hidden viruses that happen to severely affect the users’ device or their personal information.
  • Unknown individuals create fake profiles of people and use false information to ‘catfish’ others for many reasons. This can cause invasion of privacy and could possibly result in serious emotional harm.
  • False profiles are also used in order to trick friends of a particular individual to provide them with crucial/sensitive information. People that may hold a grudge against you or dislike you usually do this.
  • Around 59% of the users of Facebook have reported that they happen to procrastinate due to over usage of Facebook. Major portions of these people are teenagers and young adults who are distracted from their responsibilities. Millions of people fall victim to this every week.

Following are the suggestions we gathered from a recent survey.

  • Facebook can develop a firewall that blocks out the viruses and keeps the users safe from hacks or cybercrime. If some viruses happen to bypass the firewall, they should immediately be removed.
  • Facebook should strongly encourage all of its users to occasionally update the information related to their profiles. As much as possible, precise and correct information should be recorded to avoid anyone from creating false profiles, which can be of harm to others.
  • To reduce the over usage of the website, Facebook should introduce a new feature that reminds people to take a break from the website, if they are seen to be excessively using it and do what is important, frequently. This would assist the users to balance out their lives.

I hope this report does come of use in the near future and would assist you in further improving the website which is, predominantly, the ruling social media website/application.

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