Daily Archives: March 9, 2016

‘Official Report’ by Maheen Khan


To: Mark Zuckerberg

CEO, Facebook

From: Maheen Khan

Date: 24/2/16

Heading: Analysis of the population of Facebook

This is to state the analytic view of the growing popularity of Facebook. Facebook has turned into a phenomenon and many people have become addicts of this web. People are becoming fake on these websites and have started to make fake profiles. This is to inform that a few months ago my identity was stolen by a user called “Diesal Pointer”. It was informed to me of this fake profile by one of my friends. This user is said to be from the Maldives but as my identity is from Pakistan, It seems wrong that someone from Maldives would like to steal my profile.

This report is directed to the negative effect of Facebook. In fact, Facebook nowadays is a breeding ground for most of the terror groups to contact and plan out things enlisting these problems down

  1. Facebook is a cynical publicity and marketing tool.
  2. A playground of popularity contest causing insecurity to some people.
  3. Causing misconceptions throughout different International level friends.

Therefore, this incident recommends leveling up your security level.

It is hoped that this report affects the likeliness of Facebook and makes people’s perspective change of the way they see online websites unsafe.