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‘Should students’ textbooks be replaced by laptops?’ by Saif Saleem


There has been a major argument on whether students’ textbooks should be replaced by laptops or not. The history takes us back to the time of Ancient Arabia, where textbooks were made out of pages and used. As a result, textbooks have been around from ‘ancient times’, whereas, laptops were invented a few years ago! This has caused a major argument whether to replace books by laptops!

Campaigners in favor of the topic claim that yes, laptops must replace textbooks! This is the modern technological era, where laptops are used as multipurpose devices. Hence, they can also dominate, compete and replace textbooks, as they are more efficient, cheap and quicker. However, critics against the topic argue that textbooks have their own place and position in history. They cannot and will not be replaced by gadgets such as laptops. They claim that we have to maintain the legacy of our forefathers, who used textbooks from older times! Hence, they prefer textbooks over modern laptops!

Advocates in favor of the topic, claim that textbooks are very limited and provide information on a specific aspect in our lives. They believe laptops are the all knowing and not only they information on everything, but also, they provide its images, origins, history. Nonetheless, pressure groups against the topic regard such things as unnecessary and irrelevant. They argue that students should only have information on topics concerned with their age groups, as there is some eighteen plus content in which parental guidance is recommended. This is why they argue that laptops are harmful, whereas, textbooks are better!

People in favor of the topic, state that laptops are cheaper, quicker, and more efficient than textbooks. They believe that not everyone can buy expensive books everytime they want information on something. However, laptops require money only once to buy them and later they can be used to get information on innumerable subjects. Also, everyone needs a laptop to compete with the modern technological era and stay connected with current affairs. People against the topic, claim that laptops spoil our young youth and are barriers in leading a pleasant, successful life. They still argue that textbooks are the rulers of the old and present!

In my opinion, I believe that yes, textbooks should be replaced by laptops due to a number of benefits and advantages. Still, I partly agree with the topic. Textbooks have their own position in our lives and they will continue to have. Hence, textbooks play a major role in our lives, but laptops are dominant! As result, I agree that, yes, textbooks must be replaced by laptops in order to obtain their numerous advantages!