Daily Archives: February 27, 2016

‘Is it better to replace books with computers?’ by Saif Saleem


In my opinion, it is better to replace books with computers. In the modern technological era, computers continue to dominate books as they are more convenient than books in many ways. They are faster, quicker and easier to use. Books are being replaced by computers overtime. Computers are a dominant force to be reckoned with!

First of all, books are cheaper and provide information on a particular topic, whereas, computers are the all knowing. Only a single internet connection is required on a computer to access anything or access any website which provides any book to read. Campaigners against the topic, argue that books are more reliable and cheaper. Nonetheless, I still believe computers are better than books and can provide all the books on particular websites for example: eBooks, Google books etc.

Secondly, people now prefer computers over books. They claim that buying a computer once, provides every book online. This is more convenient and hustle- free as this does not require you going to the market to buy different books! They state that they can read books online, sitting at home; there’s no need of a library. Computers are user friendly and provide all information accurately, while books are sometimes inaccurate. Some people might argue that computers are inaccurate and biased. However, I still believe computers are better!

Thirdly, books require pages and pages come from wood obtained from tree. The environment is also damaged as hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down to make some few books. As a result, geographical problems are caused such as floods, soil erosion, climatic changes such as rainfall patterns, humidity etc. Still, People still argue that books are a person’s best friend. I disagree. Computers are winning the race, instead of books!

Therefore, it is clear, that computers are dominant as they are faster, cheaper and more convenient. The environment is not harmed also. Hence, people should replace books with computers to obtain their innumerable benefits!

‘Journal Writing’ by Safa Aman


Dear Diary,

Once again, a busy day at the airport has got me fatigued. It is hectic. The place is bustling. My ears are still ringing from all the announcements. Definitely the farthest thing from mundane.

Three different destinations in one single day — London, Manchester and Leeds. Just as I register the fact that I am finally on ground, it is time to fly yet again. In order for everything to run smoothly — security checking, baggage handling and claim, punctuality of flights, aircraft services — I have no choice but to keep a vigilant eye on things throughout the day.

Commuting back and forth can be agitating as well as exhausting. However, someone has to do the job! Most of my time is spent at Heathrow in London. The airport is always crammed and packed; therefore, there is a higher risk of things not going according to what is on our agenda.

To top it all off, we have our young flyers! We have offered assistance and help to children as young as four years of age. Special treatment is provided for these passengers and are taken extra care of. They are offered several of smaller snacks in between along with the usual two-course meals. Snuggles, stories and stuffed toys are distributed; puzzles, games and movies are watched. A full flight entertainment at its best!

Despite the constant traveling, strict checking and busy schedules, it most certainly comes with its perks as well. I come across and get to interact with people of different cultures and races. And because things tend to get stressful, one develops patience and a pleasant attitude even in the worst situations. Not a minute goes by that is not eventful for an airport manager. Looking forward to filling you in on my day tomorrow!