‘Social networking will lead to next generation’s loss of identity in real life’ by Saif Saleem


Social networking is the use of social websites on the Internet such as: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc. However, people may use these websites to hide their identities and indulge in such activities where it is necessary to do so. This leads to loss of identity of people in reality.

People against the topic argue that social networking is a blessing for all, and that it has no disadvantages socially, economically and generally. They claim that it is a source of knowledge, current affairs etc. It should not be seen as disadvantageous. Due to this, the new generation is acing at an explosive rate! They are getting better day by day. A recent study found that social networkers have a higher IQ level than average people! I think this is absolutely correct. However, critics maintain that social networking is a curse! Well, I partially agree.

Social media may cause people to have a low profile and social media is taken as a source to avoid the truth and be ignorant. Due to this, people now think that they’re popular. Campaigners still argue that getting likes and being well known boosts the person’s confidence and he can achieve greater goals. This is a great, false sense of security. Another, insecurity is that people think that they have hundreds of friends, which are all, ‘fake’.  These are not actual friends, but people argue that these false friends are not because of social media, but because people are anti-social.

Statistics have revealed that sixty five to seventy percent website users have given false ages and information. This leads to loss of prestige and identity over time! Youngsters believe that they can do stuff out of their leagues. Parties are organized where under-age youngsters cannot enter. As a result, they make false identities to enter such parties. Challengers against the topic, challenge such thoughts. Well I don’t. I think it is correct.

I believe, somehow, social media is advantageous and beneficial. But, excess use is harmful. As the famous quote says,” Excess of anything is bad.” I absolutely agree! Everyone should limit the use of social networking, to their benefit.

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