‘A Person Who Inspires You’ by Zaina Shahab


They say the biggest smiles are usually carried by the most broken souls. Many people do not see the truth in this statement, but she, with her smile as big as a child’s and her broke soul, has proved that indeed the people who suffer the most carry the biggest smiles.

She is a woman whose cheerful and vibrant personality has the power to light up even the darkest of rooms. Her bubbly and talkative nature causes her to be the life of every party. With her wise and persuasive sayings, she holds the strength to restore confidence and hope in even those who have lost everything.

However, underneath all of this she is the caretaker of a broken soul. A soul that has been wounded so deep, it cannot be healed. Her eyes, like that of a doe’s, hold sorrow and fear as they reflect her soul.

Although she is wounded, she continues to live her life with positivity. She is a woman of strong faith that has not been shattered even after all the hardships she has suffered. She believes that every hardship is a test from God that must be passed with a smile and with strength.

It is this very belief that has encouraged her selfless and benevolent nature. She thinks of others before herself and cannot stand to see tears in the eyes of her loved ones. Her shoulder is always available for those who are going through a difficult time to cry on.

Ashe is like an angel sent from heaven for the poor, an angel who has devoted her whole life and property to the needy. She is not some rich millionaire, oh no, but with her angelic heart, as big as the sky and as pure as the heart of the dove, she spends selflessly in the way of the underprivileged, hoping to help them attain peace in life.

She is as beautiful as the first spring flower; her beauty as radiant as a thousand suns. Her big brown doe-like eyes, though sorrowful, never fail to impress anyone.

With her great advice and example of character, she has inspired many, including me. She is a woman of good morals and strong faith. She is a woman who believes that she will eventually find peace; if not in this world then in the afterlife.

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