“If it wasn’t for that lone tree, I would…” by Mairaj Khalid


It is not every day, your life is saved by a tree; though, it keeps you alive by providing you Oxygen every day, but what happened to me was much different, much different indeed.

The worlds was moving under my shoes, rather, I was running over it through the cornfield of my farm, until I came to a stop on the clear sight of that lone tree on a small hill, with nothing but grass surrounding it. Being a farm boy, I lived with just my parents, whose farm was further away from the other farms, but closest to the hill, on which stood the lone tree.

Every day I would go and look at it from the edge of my farm, or sometimes going near it, wondering if there was anything special about it. One extraordinary evening, the wind was blowing and clouds covered the sky. It was amazing seeing the whole county from the hill.

It was just me and that tree at that time, while I lay beside it, savoring the cold wind, when it touched across my cheeks. Then, at that happy moment disaster struck in the form of lightning. It came so close and gave a sound so loud, that I became deaf for a while and I kept my eyes closed shut.

When my hearing returned, I heard the crackle of fire and opened my eyes to see that it was really fire! It had surrounded me and that tree in an enclosure. The fire came near, so, I had no choice to climb the tree’s strong trunk to its thick canopy, where I seated myself and started yelling to anyone, who could come help.

The fire was not able to burn the trunk of the tree, as I had smudged it with dirt on the several occasions visiting it and the wind kept the smoke away from me. I went further away from the center of the tree, to get a better position to yell, but the worst thing that could happen at that time, happened; I fell.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best, but then I felt an arm grabbing me, a rough and tough arm. I opened my eyes to see that I was suspended in the air, a meter from the fire, hanging from a branch, which had snagged itself around my wrist.

I reached for the thicker part of that branch and held onto it for dear life. Just then, a miracle occurred; rain kicked in and washed away the fire. My parents, being closest, were the first to arrive, rushing at the sight of fire. They brought me down and took me home.

Looking back at that tree, I smiled and thought to myself that if it was not for that lone tree, I would have been…

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