Daily Archives: February 15, 2016

‘My Favourite Tree’ by Maryam Iraj


One is sure to find solace under the green,leafy canopy of a tree — a peaceful serenity,where you can truly seek your desires,be it under the resplendent glare of the Sun or the star-scattered firmament of the night.

A considerable number of people do believe that trees are essentially a sanctuary where they seek refuge from the harsh and ruthless world.

A formidable,infallible edifice,a tree’s woody base against the grassy ground provides the ideal spot to relax during a lazy afternoon. It could be a willow tree that can be swayed by the slightest wind,a zephyr perhaps,or a looming oak tree with a wide berth;trees are,as a matter of fact,symbol of peaceful contemplation.

To lie back on the trunk of a tree,basking in the Sun on a lethargic Saturday afternoon in an eerie silence — what bliss!

Once upon a time,the prospect of houses in trees (treehouses rather) did seem intriguing to me,for it was a source of independent recreation or maybe to be enjoyed in the company of others but years later,it is no longer a means of attaining pleasure but enlightenment.

Enlightenment — or more suitable,Nirvana,the highest stage of enlightenment is attained. You no longer care for the world whilst the emotions weighing you down fade away into the wind,into a void never to be seen again. A sort of positive energy emanates from you.

The tree that plays an essential role in one’s life does seem to remain steadfast,unfaltering in its position as it symbolizes everlasting hope and faith as it bears the vicissitudes of life.

Upon seeing young children clambering the branches of trees,a sharp,poignant emotion strikes me,like a string of a guitar that creates a discordant and unpleasant note,reminiscent of an immature and childish yearning. Perhaps one day,instead of scouring for a deeper meaning of life in the bottomless chasm of my mind,I too should see that trees also serve as a means of enjoying oneself.