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‘If it weren’t for that lone tree, I would…’ by Azwa Azwa


It was a typical summer evening and I was trodding swiftly through the forest. The cool, turbulent and refreshing wind blew through the vast forest. The brilliant sunshine streamed silently through the canopy of the trees. The birds were chirping, and their harmonious melodies filled the air.

The aromatic and sweet fragrance of the vibrant flowers wafted through the air. The river flowed swiftly and had clear, penetrating and transparent water. As I pressed on, cautiously and intently observing my surroundings, I noticed something that would change my life forever.

My keen gaze was immediately directed to a small and weak tree. The tree had extremely frail branches, and had a tall, thin trunk. The tree was surrounded by magnificent trees all of them immense and large in their size. They all gave the forest a surreal, mystical and enchanting appearance.

The small tree was dwarfed in comparison, and appeared odd and strange amongst the other trees. It was very different and unique. It continued to struggle and worked hard to grow, since the other trees were larger than it. It continuously worked meticulously and tried its utmost best to reach the level of the other trees. The tree was minute and dwarfish, but even then it continued to try to grow.

This fact pierced my heart and reminded me of the essential need to work hard. Even though it may be useless or amount to nothing putting effort into striving for betterment was necessary. Ceaseless hard work, as well as trial and error is what leads us to success. Continuing to try no matter how harsh or unreasonable the circumstances was needed.

“If a single tree could put so much effort into working hard, then why shouldn’t I?” I thought to myself. That tree had great moral value for me and it taught me a vital lesson-the lesson of remaining firm and steadfast. I would never forget that little tree, and I would often come to observe it. After the gradual passage of time, it became one of the large trees. All of its determination paid off and it became very admirable.

The tree greatly changed of my way thinking and I also began to work hard to achieve my goals, aims and dreams. I learned that by striving, everything is possible and that hard work betrays no one. If it were not for that lone tree, I would not have not put so much effort into anything.  I would lack determination and the will to work harder. I would also be attempting things more half-heartedly. That tree taught me a life lesson. A life lesson that I would never forget, and that changed my outlook and perspective on life forever.

“If it was not for that lone tree, I would… “‏ by Ilsa Tariq

"Even the most dumb person would understand!" exclaimed my mum. 

Her commandments and advice pass over my head like the slight blowing of the evening wind; it is never noticed or paid importance to. I continue to fill my bag with every possible tool I find, even a broken iron nail. I turn to her side with my  arms folded, "Mum, even the most wise person would take my side. I cannot believe it that you agree on such things." She snatches my bag in a sudden attempt to drop all of my tools and files but fails. My tight grip on the handle shows how determined I am to carry on with my exploration on the 'Isolated Hills', on the outskirts of the city.

I paste the map on the other side of the car's windscreen. My eyes fall on the rear window and I see my mum's disappointed face. I ignore the feeling of guilt and regret building in my mind.

I race my car towards the other side of the city. I could not believe it that I was going to carry an expedition of gold and silver remains on the 'Isolated Hills' — Hills which people fear to even speak about. They say that it has been possessed by spirits since the beginning of time and no exploration of minerals has ever been carried out because of dreadful, harrowing incidents. I was the only daughter among my eight sisters who had big goals to accomplish and a vision, while the others turned out to be typical self-obsessed girls. I had to do this. 

An hour slips by in a matter of what seemed like minutes and I park my car far away from the hills. I peek out from my window and it's tall, broad structure with around a thousand of rare species of wild trees is enough to pull my beating heard out of my chest. I wrap my bag's strap around my shoulder and turn on the flashlight. I reach the foothills and I am surrounded by a torrent of gusty trees. The moon is barely visible and portrays itself as a ghostly galleon over misty clouds. I begin climbing up tracks which are less challenging and believe me, in a matter of seconds, my flashlight goes off. Did I not change its battery last night? After a few morbid thoughts of me ending up here, I recognise the tree everyone told tales about. It's bright gold branches outshine the uncomfortable darkness in the distance. What if this is the one? I thought. 

A bright side lightens up in me which brings courage to my soul. All those myths and happenings are false. Nothing has happened and I have found one platinum reserve in no time — a tree with white gold batches! I hike through perilous obstacles and I am only a few feet away from the tree. It's branches overcast one-third of the hill. I walk towards it as I cowardly stretch my hand to hold one of its powerful branches. Yes! I manage to get hold of it. My triumphant thought is interrupted by a squeaky scream in the distance. It begins to get louder after a moment. Not just louder... Deeper as well. Am I dreaming or possibly hallucinating? The tree's beaches shake, enough to make me fall on the dry grass. A black liquid secretes out of my skin as I yelp. My entire self is confused, unable to digest what is happening. I hear horrid, life-threatening sounds and cries of agony. The world spins around me as I am surrounded by... Things. Demons. I feel a sharp edgy object pierce through my chest, black swirls form in front of my vision. 

If it was not for that lone tree, I would have given up. I would have run back home and apologised for being so ignorant. I would abandon my ambitious self and become like my obedient sisters— simple but self-obsessed. Believe me, I would. I can do anything right now just to live and breathe one last time. Life is beautiful, why had not I realised that before? If only maturity crept into me. If only I realised how dumb I was. Even the most dumb person would understand. Mum, forgive me.

‘Keeping Fit’ by Arslan Sipra


Keeping fit is very essential for a safe and healthy life.There are several ways a person can maintain his fitness.A person should do regular exercise for example;running on a treadmill.Diet food is one of the major factor of keeping fit for example;eating citrus fruits or vegetables can help a person become stronger,keeping fit and not gaining on fat.Regular walk can help in burning the excessive calories.Physical activities like playing football can help in building stamina.A normal and a fit person have many differences in them.A normal person who does not exercise gains weight,is lazy,eats junk food etc.While on the other hand,a fit person is regular in exercise,eats diet food and he is likely to have less diseases than a normal person.Praying can also help in maintaining fitness for example,movement of joints.