I turned to my parents but they pretended not to hear” by Koodoruth Idriss


One evening, as usual, I came home after a long, tiring day at school. As soon as I entered the house, I went to the living room and sat limply on the sofa, contemplating my surroundings with satisfaction. The day at school was terrible with assessments succeeding one another that I was disgusted by the idea of school itself. However, I was now at home, a place where I could rest peacefully after this extenuating school day.

I had been sitting for a while, when suddenly, in the blink of an eye, I saw my mother coming at me with glinting eyes and a choleric expression in her stance. She shouted at me, saying:

“You have been all that time at home and have not done anything by now! What is this? Move! Go do your homework immediately! Do you want your results to worsen?”

”I was just resting! Wait a little!” I replied.

“Do your homework immediately!” she replied.

I grew angry and without thinking, answered: “I can look after myself! You do not have to give me orders, ignorant! I am big now!”. At this, her face darkened.

She murmured “Well, then!” and went away without a word.

I had been doing my homework for quite some time and it was now six in the evening when I suddenly came to a question that seemed impossible to solve. I went downstairs and entered the living room where my mother was in the company of my father. They were talking. When they saw me, their faces fell. My mother had told everything to my father. Acting as if I had not noticed, I went forward and asked for help to finish my homework. “

No,” said father. “We will not help you after what you said to your mother. We want apologies.”

“No, I will not.” I replied. “But, please, help me.” I turned to my parents but they pretended not to hear….

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