Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

‘Why and how people change in life?’ by Shanzay Awan


People change as preferences change.Life is just like a roller coaster,it has its ups and downs and these bring change in us.I think that the lessons I have learned throughout my life have changed me the most.When I was young,I was never deprived of friends but as I grew older I started valuing my friends but as I grew older I started losing friends which changed me in many ways.I started valuing my friends which I never did and I also realized that I was lucky to have friends like them.My cousin was the most bubbly and jolly person I have ever met but when her father died she totally changed.She became quiet and turned into a social reculse.The pain of the loss started eating her from inside and now she is not the same person.Furthermore,if a person is illiterate he will be a whole different human but later after getting education he will learn important lessons about life which will change him.I think that when a person a comes into this world,he is a whole but after every mental and physical abuse,only a shell of this whole personality is left.However,change happens.