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‘Is it better to replace books with computers?’ by Saif Saleem


In my opinion, it is better to replace books with computers. In the modern technological era, computers continue to dominate books as they are more convenient than books in many ways. They are faster, quicker and easier to use. Books are being replaced by computers overtime. Computers are a dominant force to be reckoned with!

First of all, books are cheaper and provide information on a particular topic, whereas, computers are the all knowing. Only a single internet connection is required on a computer to access anything or access any website which provides any book to read. Campaigners against the topic, argue that books are more reliable and cheaper. Nonetheless, I still believe computers are better than books and can provide all the books on particular websites for example: eBooks, Google books etc.

Secondly, people now prefer computers over books. They claim that buying a computer once, provides every book online. This is more convenient and hustle- free as this does not require you going to the market to buy different books! They state that they can read books online, sitting at home; there’s no need of a library. Computers are user friendly and provide all information accurately, while books are sometimes inaccurate. Some people might argue that computers are inaccurate and biased. However, I still believe computers are better!

Thirdly, books require pages and pages come from wood obtained from tree. The environment is also damaged as hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down to make some few books. As a result, geographical problems are caused such as floods, soil erosion, climatic changes such as rainfall patterns, humidity etc. Still, People still argue that books are a person’s best friend. I disagree. Computers are winning the race, instead of books!

Therefore, it is clear, that computers are dominant as they are faster, cheaper and more convenient. The environment is not harmed also. Hence, people should replace books with computers to obtain their innumerable benefits!

‘Journal Writing’ by Safa Aman


Dear Diary,

Once again, a busy day at the airport has got me fatigued. It is hectic. The place is bustling. My ears are still ringing from all the announcements. Definitely the farthest thing from mundane.

Three different destinations in one single day — London, Manchester and Leeds. Just as I register the fact that I am finally on ground, it is time to fly yet again. In order for everything to run smoothly — security checking, baggage handling and claim, punctuality of flights, aircraft services — I have no choice but to keep a vigilant eye on things throughout the day.

Commuting back and forth can be agitating as well as exhausting. However, someone has to do the job! Most of my time is spent at Heathrow in London. The airport is always crammed and packed; therefore, there is a higher risk of things not going according to what is on our agenda.

To top it all off, we have our young flyers! We have offered assistance and help to children as young as four years of age. Special treatment is provided for these passengers and are taken extra care of. They are offered several of smaller snacks in between along with the usual two-course meals. Snuggles, stories and stuffed toys are distributed; puzzles, games and movies are watched. A full flight entertainment at its best!

Despite the constant traveling, strict checking and busy schedules, it most certainly comes with its perks as well. I come across and get to interact with people of different cultures and races. And because things tend to get stressful, one develops patience and a pleasant attitude even in the worst situations. Not a minute goes by that is not eventful for an airport manager. Looking forward to filling you in on my day tomorrow!


‘A Person Who Inspires You’ by Zaina Shahab


They say the biggest smiles are usually carried by the most broken souls. Many people do not see the truth in this statement, but she, with her smile as big as a child’s and her broke soul, has proved that indeed the people who suffer the most carry the biggest smiles.

She is a woman whose cheerful and vibrant personality has the power to light up even the darkest of rooms. Her bubbly and talkative nature causes her to be the life of every party. With her wise and persuasive sayings, she holds the strength to restore confidence and hope in even those who have lost everything.

However, underneath all of this she is the caretaker of a broken soul. A soul that has been wounded so deep, it cannot be healed. Her eyes, like that of a doe’s, hold sorrow and fear as they reflect her soul.

Although she is wounded, she continues to live her life with positivity. She is a woman of strong faith that has not been shattered even after all the hardships she has suffered. She believes that every hardship is a test from God that must be passed with a smile and with strength.

It is this very belief that has encouraged her selfless and benevolent nature. She thinks of others before herself and cannot stand to see tears in the eyes of her loved ones. Her shoulder is always available for those who are going through a difficult time to cry on.

Ashe is like an angel sent from heaven for the poor, an angel who has devoted her whole life and property to the needy. She is not some rich millionaire, oh no, but with her angelic heart, as big as the sky and as pure as the heart of the dove, she spends selflessly in the way of the underprivileged, hoping to help them attain peace in life.

She is as beautiful as the first spring flower; her beauty as radiant as a thousand suns. Her big brown doe-like eyes, though sorrowful, never fail to impress anyone.

With her great advice and example of character, she has inspired many, including me. She is a woman of good morals and strong faith. She is a woman who believes that she will eventually find peace; if not in this world then in the afterlife.

“If it was not for that lone tree, I would…” by Zaina Shahab


“Hanna! Hanna! Hanna, wake up! Hanna, I swear if you do not wake up in the next second, I will throw a bucket of ice water on top of you!”

At the sound of this my eyes shot open and I jolted out of my warm bed, landing on the floor with a thud. I looked up to see my best friend, Aria, clutching her stomach and laughing like a maniac with tears streaming down her now pink cheeks.

I got up from my uncomfortable position on the ground and walked over to her while rubbing my poor head.

“Mind telling me why you woke me up from my deep slumber, threatened me, made me fall off my bed and are now laughing like an abnormal person?” I asked with a frown etched on my forehead.

“Oh my god! Your reaction was priceless! Anyway, I woke you up because we have to get ready for a party.” said Aria with a huge grin on her face.

Hold up! Did she just say party? God, please no. If there is one thing in this world that I despise, it is parties. I absolutely cannot stand them. Why? Well, because there is illegal drinking and these parties are usually filled with creepy people from underground gangs.

I sighed and walked over to my closet to pick out a dress for the party as I knew arguing with Aria would be of no use. She is more stubborn than a child who wants ice-cream. Knowing her, she would probably go to the extent of kidnapping me and taking me to this party if I did not quietly agree to go myself.

I picked out a long black lace gown and hurried to change before Aria got angry. Trust me, that is not something you want to see. After changing and cleaning myself up, I let Aria get to the job of making me look pretty.

After about two hours of torture, Aria and I were finally ready to go. Aria looked beautiful in a plain red gown and blood red high heels. She had straightened her shoulder length, chocolate brown hair with minimal eye makeup and a bright red lipstick. I, on the other hand, looked very natural with nude makeup and silver high heels.

I grabbed my purse and we headed to this party which I found out had been hosted by some senior boy from school. We reached there in about ten minutes. As I entered the house, I was greeted by deafening music blasting from the speakers.

Aria went to get us drinks and I took the time to search for some familiar faces in the crowd. Eventually, my eyes did fall upon two familiar faces, but they were certainly not the people I was hoping to see tonight. My breath hitched in my throat and my body froze.

After staying frozen for about a minute, I saw the two men making their way towards me through the crowd. That is when I ran. Without sparing them a second glance, I ran out of the door and down the street. I ran for God knows how long until I reached a long tree, standing in the middle of nowhere.

Breathing heavily, I turned around, eyes frantically searching for the two monsters, but could not see them. However, it was not long before I heard voices, voices I would recognize anywhere. Knowing I would not be able to run any further, I decided to climb up the tree. It looked difficult to climb, but I knew I could do it; after all, I was a professional tree climber, though no one knew about it.

I finally reached the top of the tree and sat myself on a branch that looked strong enough to hold me. I looked down to see the monsters arguing over which way I went. I knew they could not climb trees, so I was safe up here.

My breathing returned to normal, but all my memories came flooding back to me and I let out a quiet sob. These two men used to be my brother’s best friends, but my brother passed away in a car accident two years ago. He owed them some money and they did not let go of that even after his death. They never went to my parents, but they always came to me, abused me, threatened me, to give them money.

After waiting for what seemed like hours, I finally climbed down, seeing that the coast was clear. I called Aria, asking her to pick me up. When I reached home, I fell asleep the second my head the pillow, with just one thought in my head, “If it was not for that lone tree, I would have probably been dead”.

‘Social networking will lead to next generation’s loss of identity in real life’ by Saif Saleem


Social networking is the use of social websites on the Internet such as: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc. However, people may use these websites to hide their identities and indulge in such activities where it is necessary to do so. This leads to loss of identity of people in reality.

People against the topic argue that social networking is a blessing for all, and that it has no disadvantages socially, economically and generally. They claim that it is a source of knowledge, current affairs etc. It should not be seen as disadvantageous. Due to this, the new generation is acing at an explosive rate! They are getting better day by day. A recent study found that social networkers have a higher IQ level than average people! I think this is absolutely correct. However, critics maintain that social networking is a curse! Well, I partially agree.

Social media may cause people to have a low profile and social media is taken as a source to avoid the truth and be ignorant. Due to this, people now think that they’re popular. Campaigners still argue that getting likes and being well known boosts the person’s confidence and he can achieve greater goals. This is a great, false sense of security. Another, insecurity is that people think that they have hundreds of friends, which are all, ‘fake’.  These are not actual friends, but people argue that these false friends are not because of social media, but because people are anti-social.

Statistics have revealed that sixty five to seventy percent website users have given false ages and information. This leads to loss of prestige and identity over time! Youngsters believe that they can do stuff out of their leagues. Parties are organized where under-age youngsters cannot enter. As a result, they make false identities to enter such parties. Challengers against the topic, challenge such thoughts. Well I don’t. I think it is correct.

I believe, somehow, social media is advantageous and beneficial. But, excess use is harmful. As the famous quote says,” Excess of anything is bad.” I absolutely agree! Everyone should limit the use of social networking, to their benefit.

‘The growing gap between the haves and have-nots can threaten peace in many ways’ by Saif Saleem


The inequality between the masses has been growing with a tremendous rate. The gap between the haves and have nots has caused much chaos and unrest amongst the masses in the society. Some people may argue: No! The difference between the haves and have nots does not threaten peace and create chaos.

People in favor of the topic, believe that, yes, this gap between the haves and have nots does indeed, threaten peace. Social status is different amongst people and this leads to unrest and chaos, with inevitable results being thefts, robberies and murders. These acts threaten the well being of a society. There is social discrimination between the rich and poor and the poor adopt illegal ways to finish this difference, get money by acts such as: Thefts, target killing etc. The most major problem created is corruption. Corruption is the father of all crimes and almost every nation on planet Earth suffers from this malicious disease! This disease is spreading like fire in a forest.

At the same time, supporters of the topic argue that this difference is caused by lack of resources such as: type of education, health care, environment etc. The rich have better lives and their standard of living and quality of life is much better than the poor. In contrast, the poor do not have all the luxuries in life which causes jealousy and hatred to develop and also a strong desire to compete with the rich. The result is as predicted. Poor people get their hands dirty, which causes chaos in the society. This ultimately threatens peace! For example: A person was murdered in Los Angeles for his wealth and property.

Advocates in favor of the topic, maintain that the gap between the haves and have nots, threatens the well being of a society. They believe that peace is essential in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. All should be beware of such people. They claim that this gap, is indeed peace threatening and it should be dealt as a matter of urgency and delicately. Therefore, it is clear, the gap between the haves and have nots threatens peace.

People against the topic, argue that the gap between the haves and haves nots does not endanger peace. They argue that the poor people do not get involved in illegal acts or practices. They don’t poke their nose in other people’s matters and mind their own businesses. Nevertheless, the poor people sometimes legally fulfill their desires.

Critics against the topic believe that, this gap is not the reason for unrest. They believe that the rich look down upon the poor and discriminate them. Rich people show their dominance over the poor which leads to civil unrest. They treat the poor unfairly and think that are dominant over them. Challengers challenge this statement.

Campaigners against the topic feel that, the poor need to earn legally by working hard, honestly.  This will create sympathy in the hearts of the rich for the poor and they will look after them. Poor people should also not rely on the rich for charity, money etc. They themselves should earn for themselves. This will also develop respect amongst the rich, for the poor. This will help the society to maintain peace!

I believe that there should be no discrimination between the rich and the poor! All must be treated equally and respected. Brotherhood should prevail in the society. The rich should help the poor occasionally by giving charity and lending money. The poor should also look after their brothers. This will cause peace to prevail in the society!

‘Why are people boring?’ by Saif Saleem


Boring means something not interesting; tedious. What makes a person boring? Even the most fascinating people will say boring things, but that does not make them boring. What makes a person boring is the continual blathering and ignoring of signals and body language. However, if they do try to communicate, they do not have anything fun to talk about. Boring people never say anything. They cannot see things from other people’s perspectives. Boring people are not well informed. They have no interests, hobbies, and are not passionate. Boring people do not include anybody in the conversation. The person just wants their point to be told with too much detail that is not relevant. Boring people complain about everything and anything and they are unwilling to try anything new. Going out and socializing is always their last resort!

“If it wasn’t for that lone tree, I would…” by Mairaj Khalid


It is not every day, your life is saved by a tree; though, it keeps you alive by providing you Oxygen every day, but what happened to me was much different, much different indeed.

The worlds was moving under my shoes, rather, I was running over it through the cornfield of my farm, until I came to a stop on the clear sight of that lone tree on a small hill, with nothing but grass surrounding it. Being a farm boy, I lived with just my parents, whose farm was further away from the other farms, but closest to the hill, on which stood the lone tree.

Every day I would go and look at it from the edge of my farm, or sometimes going near it, wondering if there was anything special about it. One extraordinary evening, the wind was blowing and clouds covered the sky. It was amazing seeing the whole county from the hill.

It was just me and that tree at that time, while I lay beside it, savoring the cold wind, when it touched across my cheeks. Then, at that happy moment disaster struck in the form of lightning. It came so close and gave a sound so loud, that I became deaf for a while and I kept my eyes closed shut.

When my hearing returned, I heard the crackle of fire and opened my eyes to see that it was really fire! It had surrounded me and that tree in an enclosure. The fire came near, so, I had no choice to climb the tree’s strong trunk to its thick canopy, where I seated myself and started yelling to anyone, who could come help.

The fire was not able to burn the trunk of the tree, as I had smudged it with dirt on the several occasions visiting it and the wind kept the smoke away from me. I went further away from the center of the tree, to get a better position to yell, but the worst thing that could happen at that time, happened; I fell.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best, but then I felt an arm grabbing me, a rough and tough arm. I opened my eyes to see that I was suspended in the air, a meter from the fire, hanging from a branch, which had snagged itself around my wrist.

I reached for the thicker part of that branch and held onto it for dear life. Just then, a miracle occurred; rain kicked in and washed away the fire. My parents, being closest, were the first to arrive, rushing at the sight of fire. They brought me down and took me home.

Looking back at that tree, I smiled and thought to myself that if it was not for that lone tree, I would have been…

‘My Favourite Tree’ by Maryam Iraj


One is sure to find solace under the green,leafy canopy of a tree — a peaceful serenity,where you can truly seek your desires,be it under the resplendent glare of the Sun or the star-scattered firmament of the night.

A considerable number of people do believe that trees are essentially a sanctuary where they seek refuge from the harsh and ruthless world.

A formidable,infallible edifice,a tree’s woody base against the grassy ground provides the ideal spot to relax during a lazy afternoon. It could be a willow tree that can be swayed by the slightest wind,a zephyr perhaps,or a looming oak tree with a wide berth;trees are,as a matter of fact,symbol of peaceful contemplation.

To lie back on the trunk of a tree,basking in the Sun on a lethargic Saturday afternoon in an eerie silence — what bliss!

Once upon a time,the prospect of houses in trees (treehouses rather) did seem intriguing to me,for it was a source of independent recreation or maybe to be enjoyed in the company of others but years later,it is no longer a means of attaining pleasure but enlightenment.

Enlightenment — or more suitable,Nirvana,the highest stage of enlightenment is attained. You no longer care for the world whilst the emotions weighing you down fade away into the wind,into a void never to be seen again. A sort of positive energy emanates from you.

The tree that plays an essential role in one’s life does seem to remain steadfast,unfaltering in its position as it symbolizes everlasting hope and faith as it bears the vicissitudes of life.

Upon seeing young children clambering the branches of trees,a sharp,poignant emotion strikes me,like a string of a guitar that creates a discordant and unpleasant note,reminiscent of an immature and childish yearning. Perhaps one day,instead of scouring for a deeper meaning of life in the bottomless chasm of my mind,I too should see that trees also serve as a means of enjoying oneself.