“Journalistic Interview” by Daniyal Durrani

Christine(interviewer)- C, Ellen McArthur- E

C: Pleased to welcome Ms. Ellen McArthur onto our show; thank you Ellen, for joining us for this interview.

E: Thank you Christine for inviting me; I am looking forward to this interview.
C: Alright, Ellen, let us get straight to it; so I am going to start by asking the dangers you faced on your little adventure? I am sure it was very challenging experience.
E: Uhhh, it indeed was very challenging, climbing up the mast to fix the sail all by myself. I had the potential risk of losing my life but i tried preparing for every bad scenario that could have occured.
C: (surprised) So you were all alone in the middle of the sea, putting your life at risk? That is simply amazing!
E: (flattered; with a smile on her face) I would not say ‘amazing’; I had to carry out this act as it was an important thing to do at that time and I am certain anyone with the will to live would have done something similar…
C: (interrupts) “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
E: (amused) Precisely!
C: Were you faced by exigent tasks and threats?
E: Obviously, even though it was a somewhat impulsive action, I had horrible thoughts of worst possible outcomes running through my mind. However, I tried my best to stay focused and was determined to accomplish the task one way or another.
E: I did what was necessary.
C: Your story, umm, Ellen, is very inspiring especially for the younger generation of girls; a great example of bravery and resilience.
E: There was honestly a very low chance of me surviving but I thought to myself repeatedly that the outcome would be the same if I try to fix the sail and not fix it, the only difference being that if I tried to, I would have some chances of survival so I decided to take the chance without another thought.
E: A rather amusing yet terrifying thing happened the first time I tried climbing, I forgot to wear any sort of safety gloves, so MY FINGERS (lightly raises hands and diverts attention to them) started hurting after a couple of meters of climbing. I mean it is not a child’s play climbing up a nearly ninety feet tall mast in sever conditions.
C: I love how you enjoy retelling your adventure even though you had to go through hours of agonising pain. That is the attitude we need to see in every child, in our young women, to carry on with the will to achieve your goal even if the current circumstances do not make it very apparent. Ultimately you will reach your destination (goal).
E: Exactly, I have always wanted to be a role model for someone in some way, and I seem to have achieved it! (smiles)
C: Well Ellen, thank you for coming and sharing your adventurous story with us and being a delightful guest!
E: It is my pleasure!
(shakes hand)



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