“I turned to my parents, but they pretended not to hear…” by Manal Makhdum

Anxiety had started to build up in the pit of my stomach. Stress had begun to overpower my mind, making me think irrationally. Beads of sweat dotted down my face and the tension revealed itself through my disturbed appearance. I was in deep, deep, deep trouble.

High school tends to be an extremely competitive year in one’s life. Peer pressure and bullying becomes an obstacle in focusing on academics. This scenario was no different to me. A freshman is a deer in the headlights where every predator aims for it to be it's kill. The school was stranger to me; that city was a stranger to me. I felt alienated.

She strides along the hallway with her silky hair fluttering behind her as her heels click on the floor. Her elegance and grace catches the eyes of many, ogling at her in awe. Her flawless skin glows in the sunlight and her devilishly green, sharp eyes twinkle at the sight of me. She had found her prey.

Gradually, as the time went by, I cruised through high school year along with Miss Popular. Life was a bliss. A freshman gaining popularity? An achievement, nonetheless. Trouble, however, was just around the corner ready to pounce. Expect the unexpected, no?

“Darling, we’ve been friends for so long now – nearly two months. Doesn’t happen often. Feel honoured. Though I feel we haven’t shared our moment yet,” purred Miss Popular. (I would rather not mention the name to avoid memories from flowing in) with an air of pride.
“Well, what would you propose?”
"How about, meet me tonight. And I’ll show you what real fun feels like."
Although an excited 'yes' escaped my lips, her smile sent a chill down my spine.

“I don’t want this!” My yelling could be heard from a mile away. However, the sirens blazing from the end of the street were even more nerve wracking, as the noise pounded in my head.

Her boyfriend kicked me in the chest, making me sink at the spot and shoved a few packets of white powder down my throat. A few scattered around me. Why was she doing this? My head, heavy from all the kicks, and exhaustion creeping over, was fiercely in pain. I began to loose vision, but my last sight was of them running past the fence while two officers huddled around me, unaware of the fiends escaping. The last four words echoed in my head, “You are under arrest.”

 “Mom, dad please try to understand. You're my parents! I don’t care if you’ll have to sacrifice your career or your reputation. You have to help me, now!” 
“This is your problem. You get this upon yourself. Fix it. Your decisions make you, “my father silently responded.

 My everything depended on this. They had to solve this; I needed them. They were lawyers for God’s sake! I turned to my parents, but they pretended not to hear me.

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