‘I turned to my parents but they pretended not to hear me’ by Mehreen Tariq


I turned to my parents but they pretended not to hear. I sobbed wildly, I screamed and thrashed. Couldn’t they see? Everything was a lie, a colourful, elaborate lie. This was hell, I yelled till my throat was. I was still screaming when the doctors dragged me away. My parents never looked back.

The hot, glaring sun had turned its sweltering gaze on me. We, my parents and I, stood outside the National Scientific Institute, a great mass of marble and stone. My parents chatted excitedly as they pulled me inside. I desperately wished we had gone to see a movie. I allowed myself to be dragged away and mentally prepared myself for hours for hours of pure boredom.

I scanned the tables set with the latest mechanical inventions, a sea of colourful bodies hustled around everywhere. I could see my parents from the corner of my eye, conversing with a professor of some sorts. My parents were great science fanatics and they were always disappointed that I never inherited their weird fetish. Fantasy always charmed me more than cold science. “Hello there,” I whipped around at the voice; a pristinely dressed young man stood smiling at me. “Don’t find anything here interesting?” I shook my head. “Do you want to hear an interesting theory?” I eyed him warily but beckoned for him to go on. “Did you know there are different planes of existence; you only perceive reality as your eyes allow you to. There could be something standing next to you, but you’d never know, because it exists on a different plane of reality, separate from yours.” His voice took a sinister tone, ”everything is a lie.”

With that he disappeared, leaving me utterly confused. I shrugged my shoulders and continued on my way. The bright sunlight from the window caught on a shiny surface, flashing it in my eyes blindingly. For one second, the world around me warped and distorted. It was no longer bright. A miasma of grisly colours swarmed my vision, eyes- there were strange eyes everywhere blinking at me. Humans with animal heads; black ichor dripping from the walls; a mouth with glimmering fangs; shrieking laughter, screeching wails, moans; ghastly phantoms, creatures clawing towards me; greedy to touch me. I heard a distant bloodcurdling scream, before I realized it was mine, ripping from within my throat.

Schizophrenia, hallucinations etc. That’s what the doctors said I had, that I needed help, treatment. They said I was sick. But they cannot see it; the other horrible reality. My parents did not believe me, they cried when they visited me, they hardly spoke to me. The doctors tell me the walls of my room are white. They’re wrong. It’s red.


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