Daily Archives: November 25, 2015

‘You were one of the crowd waiting for a celebrity to appear’ by Maheen Khan


Leicester square was lit up with lights and buzzing of people here to there like bees. Every kind of voice with a different accent be it British, American or Indian- everyone was there to see their favourite character in the flesh, in reality.

As far as sight could go there were people but excluding them, Leicester square looked wonderlust with different kinds of Red carpet ornaments and IMAX walls. The Red carpet was brightly red and standing out waiting to be walked upon. The background had the name of the film, the sponsors etc. fences were put up and guards were everywhere so that no mishap could occur during the film premiere. Long lines of people could be seen to come and watch the film premiere; some pushing each other, some arguing and some crying with excitement. There were some who had camped the other night to be the first ones.

It was almost evening, the sun was setting and the lights of the shop were being turned on. There were all kinds of lights lit on the premiere. Some had fire blazing out like torches in the pyramids. Above the torch like lights there was a countdown going on until the premiere of the film, which had been awaited all year long and finally it was here.

The paparazzi were already there in the area given to them behind the fence; they had their DSLR’s of every shape and size hanging from their necks while the co-workers had microphones in their hands while some had them attached to the collar of their shirts. Everybody had an excitement on their faces. Mothers and fathers were there with their children chit-chatting.

Finally, after a while, two black vans showed up with black shades on the windows. In a second the paparazzi started snapping pictures from every angle and the body guards kept them at a distance from the long awaited celebrities. The celebrities looked fancy in suits and gowns while the crowd was taking pictures in a haphazard manner. While some celebrities struck poses for the flashing cameras, some were taking pictures with fans and signing autographs on phone covers, arms, shirts or notebooks while others chatted with one another.

When the snapping of pictures, interviewing from a hundred different channels and pleasing the fans were done the celebrities said goodbyes while some blowed goodbye kisses to go inside and watch the premiere. Fans were freaking out and it was thrilling to experience a Red carpet.