‘How I Became Bedridden?’ by Raphael Khalid


Damn, that was a nasty fall. Doctor said I’m lucky to have gotten away with my legs however damaged. Let’s go back to when it happened.

What happened:

Skiing, that’s what I was doing when my snowy drift was rudely interrupted by a car (in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been skiing on the mountain roads…). A clamorous horn blared from somewhere behind me, as I turned around to look, I was met with blindingly yellow eyes of a black metallic beast on wheels. My heart momentarily stopped, just as it does when I bite off a really big piece of pie. I delicately maneuvered my way out of the monster’s rampaged path, but was met with misfortune right after it passed. I slipped on the road, now harboring no death-machines, and lost control of my body. It felt if I was in a state of limbo, as my body slid frictionless on the snow plated road. That was all fine and well, except for the fact that I was gracefully sliding towards the mountain side guardrail. Being completely flat on my back and gaining speed by the second, I had not many choices given the fact that the slippery, childish asphalt decided to ride shotgun on my body. The space underneath the guardrail was enough to gladly engulf me and spit me out the other portal (which was a steep, ragged and mean mountain side). If I kept my head up, and allowed the steel plates to slap my face, I would have no face. Sigh. Fine, I guess I’ll fall if it means I get to save my overwhelmingly handsome eyebrows. I fit under the guardrail like a peanut sliding underneath a chair, more or less.

The fall:

Elegance. That’s how I fell. That is if you’re willing to ignore the high-pitched goat sounding screams of “gosh darn” and “aw shucks” as my limp, ungoverned body politely greeted rocks and thorns on the roll down. I did at one stretch of time get to take in the beauty of the surrounding world, staring blankly at me. I could see the ashen sky faintly painted with cold, colorless stars. I could see the herculean white-hot eyeball floating in the sky, veiled by the fragile, weak clouds. I could see the once emerald blades of grass capped with cinereous, aged snow. And for a fleeting moment, I caught just a glimpse of an ebony rabbit. It was bundled up into the white snow; it looked like a rock with intelligent, curious ruby eyes. I could also see a tree coming ever closer to me in the street of my tumble, I didn’t understand why it was gaining on me, and then it hit me.

Finish it already:

I suffered a few dislocated bones, nothing too serious, except for a ruptured ligament that would take months to heal. It allowed me to experience excruciating pain when I put my leg at a particular angle. I had to change some things around at home to remain comfortable and maintain my regular doings. I bought a new sofa, new chairs and even a massage chair. The major problem was the bed. I was prescribed a memory foam mattress to sleep on, so I had to get rid of my old bed for that. That’s the story of how I got bedridden.

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