Daily Archives: October 4, 2015

A Person Whom You Regard as a ‘Misfit’ by Umair Shah


Society has a certain standard that people follow to be called normal but when a person does not follow these standards, they are classified as a misfit.

Sitting outside the coffee shop, relaxing my soul, I saw an unusual person whom I would regard as an ‘outsider’. This person had a harsh and ruthless look on his face and had dark, dusty and uncombed hair. It was especially his filthy and grimy appearance that made him a ‘misfit’ of the society.

Besides his large mustache that looked like a horseshoe he had long improperly and clumsily managed sideburns but had no beard. Furthermore, he had a motorcycle, the type that suits a gangster best. He had a rough tone, his language was unfathomable and he would even use derogatory terms that should not be allowed to be used in the society. He gave orders and instructions as if he was the boss of the group of ruffians. He would talk sarcastically and had a strange sense of humor that was threatening rather than being funny.

The most important reason for him to be an oddball is his inappropriate behavior. For example, when a well-organized woman passed by, he whistled having no shame at all. Other than that, when a disciplined and a low-abiding citizen crossed, he used abhorrent and disrespectful terms. Such a behavior is unacceptable and therefore I would consider him a ‘misfit’.