‘Why People Are Boring’ by Zoha Sarim


People simply do not know how to be entertaining. They will blather on about their issues and problems, paying no attention whatsoever to the person they are talking to see if they are interested. The other party most probably will simply not care, and will detest listening to the person whine and complain about their problems, and eventually detest the person themselves. However, at other times, people do not know what to do or say at all and sit in awkward silence, trying their level best to progress from strained small talk. Sometimes, people do not have the same interests, and make attempts in vain to get the other person to like the same things –for example music, books, TV serials, art etc.- as them. However, in this day and age, people are mostly boring as they do not even attempt to communicate with each other, and instead instantly switch on their TV sets, computers or phones/tablets, cutting themselves off their device and make conversation, everyone else is preoccupied on their respective screens. Our society is plagued with isolating distractions that pull us farther away from each other and deteriorate our abilities to actually interact and socialize; an action that is truly disgusting. As a result, many do not know how to interact, and are thus, terribly boring.

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