Daily Archives: September 9, 2015

‘Why are people boring?’ by Qasim Salman


Very often we dub people with the title of ‘being boring’, but, in reality what really is ‘being boring’.Well,the literal definition is that a person is boring when he/she is uninteresting to us. From this the biggest question arises, which is why people are boring? Nowadays, no has any time to enjoy and have fun; causing them to be dull and thus boring. Secondly ,people are stressed so much that they forget to relish their lives causing them to become as bland as cardboard, and thus interesting to us. Furthermore, most people have a fixed routine, whether it’s going to school or doing a job, which makes their lives monotonous, like a machine and thus become uninteresting and their lives lack fun. Moreover, some people do not know what fun is or find things which you find boring, fun. Then, there are some people who act boring towards you because, they just do not like you, and want you to be repelled away by their boring personality. In conclusion people are boring because of their own self. As they cannot or do not want to have fun. Saul Bellow  says, “Boredom is the conviction you cannot change.”