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‘Story of Emergency Medical Rescue’ by Mairaj Khalid


There we were our hearts beating hard, with the adrenaline to reach the barracks, but there was one whose heart was not rushing or bating like ours, but was at a standstill: it was our commanding lieutenant.

During world war one, I was recruited in a battalion in the US army, against a German stronghold. My comrades and were given orders to storm that stronghold, using a diversion and attacking from the side.

The diversion went perfectly and led by our commanding lieutenant, we approached the stronghold. Inside it, there was no one, except on the roof, which we did not expect. On the lower floor, the only thing heard was the creaking of our footsteps, and then things went wrong. It was an ambush, starting off with a grenade from the enemy, from which our lieutenant saved us by sacrificing his life.

We managed to extract him from there, and with a few men and I, rushed him to the army doctor’s barracks. Managed to escape the bullets coming towards us, we laid the lieutenant in the doctor’s barracks, but our hearts sunk when we were told that it was hard for him to survive.

Outside the barracks, the only thing heard was the bullets being fired from the distant stronghold, added by that, the sound of electric pulses used to revive the lieutenant’s heart. The doctor to us in vain and said, “We did everything we could, but it was still not enough.” We were all set-a-back.

Another news, shinning some light, was that the stronghold had been taken, but only because of our lieutenant, we were given the chance to capture it. He was truly, a war-hero.

‘Why people are boring?’ by Esha Rehan

Like a jar full of different coloured beads , the world is brimmed with various people. Each human
is  different from another in a unique way; all with different personalities. Some people are said to not fit in the mould and are considered ‘boring’. But it is ,mostly ,not the people who are boring but the certain conditions or environment that tends to make them act ,or appear, introvert or socially awkward. It’s intriguing how the perspective of an individual can modulate  their  reaction to a certain environment. Some do not acknowledge their surroundings are refereed to be victims of excruciating bordem. They tend to stay inside their little bubble and are afraid speak publicly. They are not driven to investigate the satisfaction of life. It may also be the fear of judgment that keeps them frozen in time;and they remain trapped in the marrow of their bones. Some may feel troublesome to their surroundings and put on a cover, the cover is only an illusion to distract people from what is really there. On the other hand sone people are just simply boring. They do not understand that ‘ life is to be enjoyed not just endured’. These people do not have any hobbies and are not well informed. They prefer dreaming over living their dreams. Their music of boredom is the only sound that lulls them into the madness that confines them.