‘Why Are People Boring?’ by Aleena Khan


4f32a4fdf824639691f32c0cd99fd99eA little not so known fact is that the average American works forty hours a week, meaning you waste ten years and three months of your unrelieved life listening to your pompous boss go on and on about how you are not good enough. Yet despite this insulting ordeal, you continue the same monotonous routine every day. Why not read a book? Learn a language? Do something with your tedious life! But you will not, because humans are the world’s best procrastinators. Now, you procrastinate for two reasons, you are either afraid or uncertain, or you are an over-confident perfectionist. So, you are either timid or too naïve to admit you are pretentious. Now, the ones who are haunted by the fact that they are wasting their life are aiming for the two most meaningless things in human history: fame and fortune. You want fame because you want to be known; you want to be remembered, Fortune because, well, who would not want to own a yacht? Why do people think money is happiness? We lead our lives by the mandate rules set for us, never peeking out of our shells. Never questioning. Why? Because we are boring.

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