‘Media does not just report events, they make events’ by Fatima Malik


Media, I believe, is the home sweet home of lies. A place where exaggeration and making up events leads to high ratings. Little do they know how much lies can affect a layman’s life. However, they have the world in their hands and they can control what people think.

It is indeed a fact stated by a rebel ex-worker of a news channel that when a sow’s ratings are going down, the owner calls in and tells the anchor to do anything to raise the ratings. Thus, the lies are formed and people are made to believe in exaggerated information. The rebel ex-worker, Hanna Marin said, “When I tried to stop the lies, they threatened me. I still tried to show people the truth and ended up losing my job.”

Can we really let the media blind us with lies? However, we do not have many options. The media is very helpful in spreading awareness of what happens around us but thus exaggeration turns people against them.

Can we really not survive without the media? I believe we can, just like our ancestors did. They lived happy lives without the media. The newspaper played a huge part in their lives and I believe that if we make them a part of our lives too, we can also escape the unnecessary drama.

Are we actually letting the media depress us? With the declining situation of our country and the exaggerated lies, the situation only gets worse. Seeing the over exaggerated heart breaking news just depresses our hearts to a level where our hearts start to ache.

Seventy-five percent of our country’s population has television screens that they  are glued to. With  half of the channels, it is impossible to not view them. Even a glimpse of over exaggerated news is heart breaking.

Is the media really that hungry for money? That they let their country’s people live in a world of lies? They should stop and think about other too. The world would like to know the truth of what is going on around them, a truth that is not exaggerated. After all it is our right to know the truth.

However, they continue to keep us in the dark. I believe we should stand up against the reporters and news channels that exaggerate too much. Twenty percent of what they state is only true. We deserve to know the rest of the eighty percent too. Therefore, stand up for what is right!

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