‘Discuss the claim that the media does not just REPORT events, they MAKE events’ by Rafia Sajjad


Today, the media is very important and vital for or everyday lives. Without this source, we would seem improbable. There are different categories through which we are provided with news, for instance; print media (newspapers, articles), electronic media (television, radio) and the internet. The media influences and affects the human brains, especially youngsters’. Even though the media has an essential obligation –to inform people about the situation of the world- have you ever thought about the lies within the delivered news?

To begin with, the media makes every piece of account seem significant even if it is not. How? Well, supporters of this statement believe that they pick up intriguing stories, do research and, thus, create one of their own. Fabricating reports may be disclosed resulting in conflicts. Malcolm X said, “The media is the most powerful entity on the Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent, and that is power because they control the minds of the masses.”

Furthermore, as we can see in talk shows and other news channels, there is a lot of competition between them. They try to notify people in such an angle that it seems dramatic and convincing. Moreover, some individuals say that before there were only four to five news channels but as the numbers grew, every channel started having the urge to deliver the facts faster than the rest. So why is there so much competition? Research tells us that it is probably because of the increase in profit.

Thirdly, only the main points are highlighted, leaving out the rest. Because of this, people tend to forget about the minor details. All the breaking news has an intrusive impact on the viewer and they downheartedly have to accept and digest devastating news.

On the other hand, the real question opposers ask themselves is “How do they convince people to believe whatever they say  is true?” individuals believe it is because of the news being reported over and over again or the way reporters overemphasize and twist the announcement to make it sound more unambiguous. Some also suppose it is due to the fact that there are multiple news channels that transmit the same news twenty four hours a day.

In addition, Scarlett Pimpernel stated, “Local news are objective. However, they would be considered small time and amateurish by the national media.” In order to be recognized by the national media, they have to be more biased and need to exaggerate more and more.

Last but not the least, although they come up with stories and varying judgments, they do inform us about the actual events occurring. One study shows that it is impossible to ‘create an event’ but coming up with anecdotes is possible. Announcers also manipulate news but false events are rare. For example; there were once rumors about Rowan Atkinson’s death and everybody regarded it to be true until evidence was provided.

All things considered, the media is the means to interact with people through miscellaneous ways but they portray all the information in a particular approach to make it more persuasive. About eighty percent of the population agrees that the media is CORRUPT! Therefore, I conclude that the media alters accounts. They do create stories. They do overestimate the reports.

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